Liam Meowson (The Cat Action Hero)

I wanted to achieve a more subtle use of contour than some of the obvious examples in the textbook used to demonstrate the concepts. To do this I worked with the visual acutance of the edges in the shot. By using a shallow depth of field on a 2.8 aperture I was able to soften a lot of the edges to recde, putting them into obscurity, and out of the immediate focus guiding your attention towards the stair. While still maintaining sharp edges in the features and face I add more depth to the scene than was present in person, by controlling the focus on the contours. Our cat is rather flabby in his body, so to define his figure in a more dignified way, playing with the contours of his form and depth of field is a must. I wanted to create an argument for this being a contour photo because the edges and contours are what define the model and image creating and guiding the viewer's gaze through the photo. I hadn’t really given much thought to the notion before in contour, how softness and hardness bring your vision back and forth. The idea lead me to think of fur and how while in sharp contrast is looks sharp while out of focus it gives a soft impression.

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